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Policies and Procedures

1.) Hours of operation: 9am - 9pm. Feel free to message me before or after these hours, I just don't guarantee a response outside of business hours.

2.) Reservations: To make a reservation, you can text me at 801-231-6130 or email me at

  • New clients: Once I have received your reservation request, I will contact you to set up an initial consultation where I will meet with you and your pet(s) and make sure I am a good fit for your pet sitting needs.

  • Existing clients: Text or email me to set up your next appointment.

3.) Pet sits: A pet sit is a visit to your home to care for your pets while you are away.

  • Each pet sit session will last for 30 minutes unless there are unplanned for circumstances, in which case I reserve the right to charge for the extra time.

  • I do not set exact times for visits, I will offer windows of time such as morning and evening, or I can give a more specific window of 2-3 hours, such as between 12 and 2. This helps me accommodate as many clients as possible and navigate my changing schedule with vacation clients.

  • I will send you text updates to help you have the peace of mind your pet is happy and healthy. We will decide on the frequency of these updates at the initial consultation.

  • I do not offer "shared visits", I require all visits be done solely by From Fur to Fin Pet Care. Sharing visits with a client's family members or neighbors can cause liability issues.

  • For clients outside of my normal service area, I charge $20 per visit to compensate for the extra time and gas needed to get to your home.

  • Cats: A cat visit includes fresh food and water, litter box maintenance, play time, lots of love and attention, administration of medications and anything else discussed at the initial consultation. I require cats to be visited at least once per day, and to be kept inside for the entire duration of your trip or while you are away from the home. I understand this may affect your cat's mood if it is used to going outdoors, however, I am firm with this policy for the safety of your cat, as animals sometimes act differently when their family/owner is away.

  • Dogs: A dog visit includes fresh food and water, waste management, outdoor walk/ play time (unless there is extreme weather, then play time will be indoors), lots of love and affection, administration of medication and anything else discussed at the initial consultation. Since dogs are more social and active animals, I require at least two visits per day for dogs.

  • Other animals: I care for all types of pets from those with fur to those with fins and everything in between. All other animal visits will include the care the animal needs and anything else discussed in the initial consultation. I require at least one visit per day for most other pets.

4.) Home Care: I offer a few complimentary home care services along with pet sits such as bringing in the mail/ newspaper, watering plants, turning on/off lights, bringing in packages and general monitoring of the residence. The addition of any of these services will be discussed and agreed upon at the initial consultation.

6.) Returning Clients: Let me know of any changes in care since I last cared for your pet(s).

  • To make a reservation text or email me with the dates you are needing care, these dates will not be officially set until you hear back from me confirming the appointment.

7.) Payment: Payment is usually due at the conclusion of your trip for vacation pet sits or at the end of the month for visits while you are at work or dog walking, I will email you an invoice. Accepted forms of payment are cash, check or venmo.

8.) Holidays: There is an additional $8 per visit for services provided on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, New Years Eve, and New Years Day.

9.) Keys and access codes: I will usually obtain a key or access code at our initial consultation to use during the pet sits. At the end of the service dates, I will return the key either by leaving it in a secure location within the home or we will arrange an in person meeting.

10.) Cancellations or changes in service dates: Notify me as soon as possible about any cancellations or changes in dates. Every attempt will be made to accommodate changes in dates, but there is no guarantee I will be available on the new dates needed. There are no penalties for cancelations.

11.) Inclement weather plan: 1.) Every effort will be made to drive to your home. 2.) The service schedule may have to be changed, altered, or interrupted due to circumstances. 3.) Visit duration might be reduced in order to accommodate longer driving times. 4.) In severe cases, I may call upon the emergency contact listed on your service contract if I am unable to make it to your home.

12.) Emergencies/ unforeseen events: 1.) Every effort will be made to offer uninterrupted service with no reduction in quality or time 2.) For pet related emergencies, I will call you to discuss a plan to resolve the issue. If the pet needs to be taken to the vet immediately, I will call you either on the way to the vet or at the office.

13.) Vaccinations/Immunizations: I require all pets have the necessary vaccinations and immunizations before service begins and if I'm bitten or exposed to any disease or ailment received from the clientʼs pet(s) which has not been properly or currently vaccinated, the client will be responsible for all costs and damages that may be incurred as a result.

14.) Unforeseen Purchases: The pet owner will supply all pet supplies such as food, collars, leashes etc. Should I need to purchase any pet supplies, I will keep the receipt, send you a text with a picture of the receipt, then add the cost into the final invoice and attach the receipt.

15.) "We're Back" notifications: To ensure your pet(s) are not left without care, all clients will need to text or email me to let me know you have arrived safely home from your vacation. These notifications are very important, so please feel free to send them any time of day. If I do not receive a notification, I will try to contact you and may continue to visit the pet to ensure they are being cared for.

16.) Dog walks: I will come to your home to pick up your dog for any scheduled dog walks. Please provide a secure collar, identification, leash, waste bags and anything else your dog may require during a walk. Each walk will last 30 minutes. I do not provide off leash time unless we have discussed a safe location to do so in our consultation.

17.) Additional Pet Care Assistance and other scheduled services: From Fur to Fin Pet Care doesn't/ can't accept liability for other persons in the home prior, during or after our visits. Please let me know at the time of the initial meeting or before any future service dates of anyone who may have access to your home while you are away. This includes cleaning services, maintenance personnel, friends, family and neighbors.  As well, please let anyone else with access to the home know that the services of From Fur to Fin Pet Care have been engaged.  As mentioned above, I do not offer shared visits with client's family or friends.

18.) Pet safety: From Fur to Fin recommends that pets be kept in the house or inside a well-secured fenced yard for the duration of the pet sitting job.  I also recommend that the house be kept to a comfortable temperature especially during the summer.

  • Please make sure that gates, fences, latches, and materials used to secure your pet are in good working order.  All possible escape routes should be secured, especially if your pet is a “bolter.”

19.) Privacy Policy: All client and pet information will be kept private and confidential.

  • Social Media: Please let me know if you would not like to have pictures of your pet featured on my instagram account. Pets are only identified by first name and breed in the photo description.

20.) I added on the service of boarding in my home for small animals only, such as bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets or other animals of that kind. I charge $18 per day for boarding small animals.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, I look forward to hearing from you!

Call or text: 801-231-6130



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